About Us

Welcome to our small family run ranch where the animals are family. We raise miniature jersey cows, Boer and Nubian goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens, and ducks. We also have our LGD's and our donkey named Sassy to keep everyone safe. Our children are getting one of the best life experiences possible by living this life with us. They love every minute and we are blessed that we can share this with them. 

Our Goats

Our main herd consists of Boer goats. They are primarily a meat goat. We have registered show stock, along with providing the local 4-H clubs quality market wethers.

We have recently added in some Nubians for our daughter to show and for their milk for bottle babies.

Our Miniature Jerseys

Originally starting with standard jerseys, our ideas changed once introduced to these little ones. The mini's are an ideal family cow. They are perfect for a small homestead and take up much less space than the standard. They also consume less than half of a standard.  

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Please remember while scrolling through this site that ALL photos and information being shared belongs to Hilltop Boer Goats and Miniature Jerseys and cannot be used in any way without their written permission. 

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